Fear and Loathing at Millennium Fandom Bar

Last night was one of Millennium Fandom Bar’s fantastic Cult Classic Happy Hours, and this time it was centered around the 1998 Terry Gilliam mind-bender Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Cue the army of fishing caps, floral print shirts, and TarGard filters. It was glorious.

These cult movie nights start around 5:30p, and so up above you can see that it’s not super packed early on, but considering the bar was packed and people were slowly pouring in at 6:00p on a Wednesday was impressive and shows that the fandom is strong with these fine folks.

One of those fine folks was this lovely lady, Babs, who runs various pop culture walking tours in Las Vegas. She’s a fascinating woman, with stories about every piece of her costume that were easily more interesting than the entire summation of my life. She also provided a prize for the raffle, ’cause she’s awesome like that.


For a few of these, I added some colored gradients to add a bit of the lighting style from the film, which is full of neon and unmotivated reds, greens, pinks, and pretty much the rest of the rainbow. Being that this was a walk-around party type of job, I couldn’t very well run around with three strobes and the assistants necessary to place them for each shot, so the edit was the best place to go for the effect. It’s more subtle than the film, but gives some of the images a more otherworldly look.

This was a fun time, and I highly recommend that anyone who can, head on down to Millennium on one of their themed nights, if only to see and meet a whole bunch of crazy characters and dedicated fans. Also, you see cute crap like this:

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