Steampunk Ball 2017 at Millennium Fandom Bar

Millennium Fandom Bar is, without a doubt, my favorite place to go in Las Vegas — outside of the beautiful parks and other natural surroundings, of course. Located downtown on Las Vegas and Hoover, it is dedicated to uniting all fandoms, be they for Star Trek, Star Wars, The Matrix, anime, Dungeons & Dragons, or whatever else you may love from pop culture (for me, it’s Buffy). One such fandom, steampunk, even has its own annual ball and costume contest!

In a town known for letting its freak flag fly, it’s nice to know that even a humble nerd such as myself is allowed his own little slice of strange paradise here in Sin City. While I don’t drink, that doesn’t stop me from hanging out with my wife at Millennium and just enjoying the company of some likeminded weirdos.



The Steampunk Ball itself was an incredible display of imagination, ingenuity, and a whoooole lot of cogs. Alex, the bar’s Parisian owner (pictured above, middle) even got into the action, as he usually does, and wore a hand-crafted noir inspired steampunk suit. That’s not to say that this was a totally inclusive party, as we even had some non-steampunk folks walk in — we even spotted a wild Jedi, presumably on the run from the Empire after escaping Order 66.

If you’re a nerdy, geeky, or otherwise pop culturally obsessive kind of person, I highly recommend you drop by Millennium Fandom Bar if you get the chance. It’s a wonderful, welcoming place that you’ll see me blog about plenty in the future. Rarely do I get to work with clients, colleagues, and friends at the same time.


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