Some Aussies & Some Neon

I’m not sure what to call the thing Daniel and Chrysta wanted me to do, when they emailed me from way over in Australia of all places. They were having their wedding at a chapel in Las Vegas and wanted to have photos taken beforehand by a separate photographer (most chapels off the Strip tend to mandate their own in-house photographers for the ceremony). I suppose it would be a “couples shoot” or perhaps even a very belated engagement session.  Either way, when I hear “Neon Museum” and “all to ourselves”, all I can think of is “opportunity”.

My luck was incredible on this one. While Daniel wasn’t a huge fan of getting his picture taken, he was a total champ about it and was very enthused about just going out to the Neon Museum for an hour and have some fun. His lovely fiancée, now wife, was far more energetic about the shoot, and I would love to share some of the delightful outtakes of her . . . but I feel like that might be a tad too much wacky for one photography blog to handle.


Together they were a delightful couple, playing off one another with a remarkable ease that generally only comes with years of love and probably quite a few experiences to share and bond over. That ease combined with the absolutely gorgeous and fascinating artwork on display at the Neon Museum made for one heck of a shoot that I look forward to revisiting in the future.


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